Whatever your line of business, EEat can help you with your HACCP procedures

EEat and its HACCP application are not biased. We support all catering professions, regardless of their constraints.


With EEat, you can carry out all the HACCP procedures specific to your sector, whether it be:


  • Upward / downward traceability with multiple processing stages
  • Specific labels for your company
  • Multi-site management
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    EEat has clients in over 9 different lines of business within the catering industry


    Do you have to carry out regulatory self-checks on a daily basis? Are your processes not always followed by your staff?

    EEat offers you:

    • Sensors to simplify temperature readings
    • An intuitive and user-friendly mobile application
    • A connected printer to produce your labels
      EEat restaurant
      EEat poissonnerie


      Do you have products sensitive to a break in the cold chain, even if minor? A complex traceability system with a lot of information to be entered and archived?

      EEat offers you:

      • Sensors to ensure that the cold chain is maintained
      • A sophisticated traceability module
      • A modular labelling module


        Do you have highly temperature-sensitive raw material? A large number of different preparations? Large production areas to clean?

        EEat offers you:

        • A high-performance and flexible traceability tool
        • Connected sensors to monitor your cold rooms and display counters
        • A simple and efficient tool to manage the implementation of your cleaning plan
          EEat Boucherie
          EEat Boulangerie

          Bakeries, pastry shops

          Do you have products where temperature regulation (hot and cold) is essential, where traceability is complex and depends on a multitude of different recipes and where the number of self-checks requires a flawless coordination between your teams?

          EEat offers you:

          • Temperature and humidity sensors to automate your controls
          • A 3-step traceability module
          • An overview of your establishments and points of sale

            Production laboratory

            Do you have a complex traceability involving hundreds of raw materials and dozens of recipes? A time-consuming cold chain monitoring?

            EEat offers you:

            • A tool to manage incoming and outgoing batch numbers
            • A tool to manage the packaging of your preparations
            • Connected sensors for your refrigerated storage areas (positive and negative cold)
              EEat laboratoire de production
              EEat traiteur


              Are you a catering service that wants to ensure the traceability of your products and a hassle-free monitoring of on site deliveries?

              EEat offers you:

              • A traceability module
              • An interface that assists you in the execution of self-checks
              • Coordination of cleaning areas and times

                Collective catering

                Are you a collective caterer preparing delicious meals for schools, nursing homes and other companies, with stocks to manage, a traceability to ensure and teams to keep up to date with the standards?

                EEat offers you:

                • Facilitated stock management with archived traceability
                • Sensors to automate temperature readings and increase reliability
                • A document management module for independent and standardised team trainings
                  EEat multisite
                  EEat multisite


                  Are you a company with several establishments to manage? Do you need to monitor the origin of your stocks, supervise deliveries daily and implement a systematic sanitary control plan?

                  EEat offers you:

                  • User-friendly and high-performance interfaces to manage the entirety of your sites
                  • Sensors to automate temperature control points and save time
                  • A standardized and centralized management of HACCP measures


                    Do you have a large number of establishments to manage? A high staff turnover? A multitude of control points to execute on a daily basis?

                    EEat offers you:

                    • To automate part of the controls thanks to its connected sensors
                    • An effective and user-friendly tool for the creation and execution of self-checks
                    • A traceability module for your preparations
                      EEat Grande distribution
                      Application HACCP

                      Other sectors

                      Strong legal constraints that are not always understood? A complex archiving of procedures to be carried out? A time-consuming implementation and monitoring of the HACCP plan?

                      EEat offers you:

                      • To automate part of the controls thanks to its connected sensors
                      • An effective and user-friendly tool for the creation and execution of self-checks
                      • A traceability module for your preparations