HACCP bakery and pastry shop: Free yourself from HACCP

By choosing EEat and its HACCP application, you can:

Track the realisation of your recipes and ensure the traceability of your products.

Master your baking methods.

Easily monitor the temperature of your storage facilities.

Keep an eye on the sanitary plan of all of your establishments.

EEat Boulangerie

EEat supports bakeries and pastry shops in the implementation of their HACCP method. With EEat you can ensure the safety of your food and preparations.

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EEat supports you every day


Control the traceability of your products from A to Z


Free 30 minutes of your time every week in monitoring the cold chain


Ensure 100% compliance with your HACCP plan

The HACCP regulation

What do the HACCP regulations say about bakeries and pastry shops?

Every business, such as a bakery/pastry shop, that processes, modifies or sells food is required to establish and implement a HACCP plan to ensure consumer safety.

A HACCP plan is a system that identifies, evaluates and controls the relevant production-related hazards. This plan enables professionals to overcome physical, microbiological and chemical hazards through the completion of periodic checks. 

Taking into account the risks and hazards specific to each business is mandatory by law.

The associations of bakers / pastry cooks / chocolatiers have all published their guides to good practice. These guides list the good practices to be put in place according to the risks,  including controls on the reception of goods and the presence of impurities.

Which self-checks should be implemented?

Les boulangeries doivent porter une attention particulière:

    • the traceability of products and preparations
    • the labelling of preparations in order to provide information
    • the monitoring of foodstuff storage temperatures 
    • the hygiene of foodstuffs, premises and staff

Keep track of the temperatures in your cold rooms, refrigerated cabinets and display cases worry-free

Bakeries often have to be experts in temperature management: from ensuring that the cold chain of products in blast chillers is maintained, up until guaranteeing that the baking is correctly carried out in order to obtain crispy baguettes.

 Among the self-checks implemented by the HACCP method, the control of the temperatures in your storage rooms is particularly time-consuming, demanding and repetitive. Manual temperature readings must be taken regularly (daily in most cases).

At EEat, we offer a range of connected data loggers and sensors for automatic and regular temperature measurements. Simply place the sensors in your refrigerated chambers (negative and positive cold) or use a remote probe for positive temperatures.

You then no longer have to worry about this self check. The temperature readings are stored and archived in our secure servers in Switzerland. You are alerted by SMS or email in the event of values outside the target temperatures. You can view the data history at any time using our dashboards.

For even crispier baguettes, be sure to ask us about our range of moisture sensors.

With EEat you can keep your cool during inspections, ensure 100% compliance and keep record of your temperatures.


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Ensure the traceability of your products from preparation to processing and packaging

The traceability of your products is essential today in the HACCP method in order to ensure a rapid and targeted reaction in the event of a detected problem. Whether you need to locate your suppliers’ batches, organise your incoming and outgoing batches, or know the recipients of each of your products, EEat is here to help you!

We have developed a traceability tool that groups together the 3 production phases that we have identified as essential for good monitoring:

  • the preparation of products – indication of the ingredients and the management of the recipes.
  • the transformation of products – indication of the transformed products.
  • the packaging – choice of quantities and recipients for each of your batches.

Each stage is adjustable to best fit your current habits and processes (taking photos of incoming labels, control checklist, …).

For further assistance, use our connected printer to generate your labels in just a few clicks. Fresh products are labelled in perfect compliance at your points of sale.

With EEat you gain in organisation, you ensure a flawless traceability and you remain serene in any situation

Keep an overview of your points of sale

Do you have several points of sale and would like to standardise the hygiene measures in each of them? Keeping your teams up to date and making sure that your employees carry out the self-checks correctly is currently a headache?

It is unpleasant to realise after controls that certain measures have not been correctly applied. Lack of information or oversights are often the primary causes of poor implementation of the HACCP method.

With EEat, you ensure that information sharing is standardised in each of your points of sale. Your new employees can be trained in just a few clicks and tasks are automatically reminded on a daily basis to avoid mistakes and oversights.

As a manager, you have access to advanced dashboards to be alerted in case of problems, to easily deal with potential non-conformities and to ensure that your facilities are of the highest quality.

With EEat, you can standardise your processes, make life easier for your new employees and be confident that you can sleep soundly.

Grâce à EEat vous gardez un oeil sur chacun de vos points de vente

EEat is full of advantages


Connected temperature and humidity data loggers


An extensive traceability module for the monitoring of your productions

global visibility

A complete overview of your facilities for 100% compliance

With EEat, your bakery is 100% compliant from just CHF 0.5 per day

Discover our self-checks system, particularly adapted to your bakery/pastry shop:

  • Secondary labelling: print your labels in just 2 clicks
  • Cleaning: record the completion of your cleaning tasks
  • Reception of goods: archive and control the quality of your arrivals
  • Storage temperatures: enjoy a break, the control is automatic
  • Rapid cooling: stay within the standards and follow the cooling procedure
  • Traceability: effortlessly manage your incoming and outgoing batches
  • Inventory management: keep track of your products in real time
  • Cooking temperature: keep record of the cookings previously carried out

EEat ensures a 3-step implementation


You send us your current self-checks, we digitise them. You don’t have any self-checks in place? We can advise you. Do you have your own procedures? We can customise our system for you. Just contact us!


Would you like connected sensors? We send you the sensors and our EEatbox to collect the data. Just follow our instructions to install it within a few minutes.


You install our application on the medium of your choice (computer, tablet, phone) and you are freed from HACCP!