In this tutorial you will learn how to set up your EEatbox and temperature sensors step by step.

Setting up the EEatbox: Data Collection Gateway

The EEatbox is essential for the correct functioning of our solution as it will collect the temperature data from the sensors.

Once the data is collected via the EEatbox antenna, it is sent over the internet to our servers, where it is stored and analysed by our algorithms, which in turn will send out alerts if necessary. 

The EEatbox can be connected by an ethernet cable (RJ45) directly to your internet box (Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange, etc.) or to a switch. It is also possible to connect it to the wifi network if the wifi identifiers have been communicated to us in advance.

EEatbox sans branchements

Step 1: Connect the antenna to the EEatbox 

Warning: Never connect the EEatbox to the internet or to the power supply without having first put on the antenna.

EEatbox avec antenne

Step 2: Connect the ethernet plug to the EEatbox and to your internet box

Please note: If your EEatbox is configured for wifi, you do not need to carry out this step. Your EEatbox will automatically connect to the configured network.

EEatbox avec prise ethernet

Step 3: Connect the power supply to the EEatbox

EEatbox avec antenne, ethernet et alimentation

Step 4 : Check with the EEat team that the EEatbox is correctly connected

Setting up the temperature sensors

The temperature sensors are already set up by our team. Once the EEatbox is installed, you just have to place them in your refrigerated chambers.  

Please make sure to take note of the last 4 numbers of the code behind your sensor (DevEUI) (see picture below) to ensure that we can correctly link the sensor to the refrigeration system in which it is located.

Capteur de température vue de dos

Now that you have correctly installed your EEat temperature sensors, you can consult our first user guide to easily get started with our application.