Automate temperature readings in your refrigerated storage areas

EEat’s wireless temperature data loggers are the perfect solution for your refrigerated storage areas :

Never waste time taking temperature readings again with our temperature data loggers!

Our connected temperature sensors automatically record and archive the temperature of your storage areas and inform you in the case of anomalies!

Receive an email or SMS alert in the event of a malfunction (breakdown, anomaly, shutdown, etc.)

Relevés de température

Quickly and easily set up a system to monitor the temperature of stored foodstuffs or medicines and comply with regulatory requirements!

With EEat and its connected monitoring solution, free yourself from temperature controls!

The functioning of the connected temperature data loggers

EEat temperature sensor scheme

Step 1 : The connected temperature data logger is placed in your refrigerated chamber (cold room, refrigerated cabinet, refrigerated display case, etc.) The sensor monitors the temperature of your equipment every 20 minutes and sends a message with the measured temperature.


Step 2 : The EEatBox collects the message sent by the sensor, this data containing the temperature is then sent via the internet to our server.

A single EEatbox can receive messages from several loggers within the same site.

Step 3 : Our internet servers, located in Switzerland, receive the message from your logger via the EEatBox and save it. When a temperature reading exceeds the configured tolerance threshold we send you an alert by email or SMS.


Step 4 : Our application allows you to review the connected logger’s temperature readings from any device. You can view them in a graph or table. You will also receive an alert by email or SMS if a temperature reading is too high.

The price list for the connected temperature data logger

Capteur EEat dans une vitrine de boulangerie

250 temperature data loggers are currently installed in our customers premises.

Our customers in Switzerland and France appreciate the convenience of our connected temperature data loggers.


The automated temperature monitoring solution for refrigerated chambers

EEat has put its connected objects know-how at the service of food hygiene procedures to meet the sector’s professionals’ needs, by automating the temperature readings self-check in refrigerated chambers.

With our sensor, you are freed from this laborious and error-prone task.

The sensor can be installed in all refrigerated storage areas: positive or negative cold rooms, refrigerated display cases, freezers, etc.

More specifically, we place a connected sensor in the chamber. This sensor automatically takes temperature readings at regular intervals (15 minutes, 1 hour, etc.). The sensor sends the information to a gateway (the EEatbox) installed nearby which transfers the data to our servers. The information is there processed and analysed by our system and is displayed in real time on the application (graphs, reports, history, etc.).

Capteurs & tablette EEat

The benefits of a real-time temperature reading solution

Temperature recording

Each logger is autonomous and records the data directly on the platform. You no longer have to manually enter the temperature of your product or medicine’s storage areas on a daily basis.

A key strength of the EEat application is its standardised formatting of the data. EEat aggregates the data and highlights it using user-friendly dashboards. This way, you can easily monitor your food hygiene and quickly identify where you need to improve.

EEatbox, capteur de température et tablette
Capteur EEat dans une vitrine de boulangerie

Real-time alerts

In addition to automating the self-checks process, EEat also enables you to be alerted (by email or SMS) when a temperature reading is outside the standard. This means that you are alerted in the event of the failure of your equipment, a power cut, a poorly closed door, etc.

EEat temperature data loggers allow you to continuously guarantee the safety of the food or medicine you store and limit the risk of loss of goods.

Follow our customers and free yourself from temperature controls!

EEat and its temperature sensors provide all catering professions and pharmacy businesses with an easy and cost-effective solution to ensure the safety of stored foodstuffs or medicines in refrigerated units at all times. Respecting the cold chain has never been this simple.

Why automate your temperature readings?

  1. Safety: your refrigerated chambers and goods are monitored 24 hours a day
  2. Comfort: controls are carried out automatically even in your absence
  3. Compliance: With the connected sensors you can be sure of 100% compliance

EEat allows you to install a 100% autonomous monitoring system for your cold chambers. EEat is the simplest temperature monitoring solution on the market.

Temperature Control Regulations

Foodstuffs storage areas

The HACCP method and the current state food hygiene standards oblige professionals in the food industry to carry out a large number of self-checks throughout the manufacturing process. This control system ensures food safety for consumers.

One of the most common and time-consuming self-checks is the temperature reading of refrigerated chambers (cold rooms, refrigerated display cases, refrigerated counters, etc.). It ensures that the cold chain is successfully maintained.

 The temperature readings must be taken at a specific frequency that varies according to the type of establishment. Although the HACCP method does not impose precise guidelines, each manager must put in place a procedure that is appropriate to their activity and the potential risks associated with it. 

Monitoring the correct functioning of foodstuffs storage areas is a real challenge for food processing and catering companies. The regulations in Switzerland and France require the destruction of stored foodstuffs exposed to non-standard temperatures for too long. Breakdowns or human errors (a door not properly closed) can lead to significant loss of goods. This can amount to thousands of CHF.

Storage areas for medicines

A majority of medicines put on the market are sensitive to temperature variations. Ensuring the cold chain helps to control health risks. Indeed, if a medicine is not stored at the right temperature, it may present a risk to the consumer.

European standards require health professionals to maintain the cold chain.

Pharmacies are not spared. They must implement a traceability for the medicines storage temperatures. In order to achieve this, pharmacists must keep records of fridge temperatures.

Keeping records like these is very time-consuming and demanding.

Oversights can have severe consequences such as loss of goods, endangerment of the consumer or fines from the authorities.

Wireless temperature data loggers that install in 1 minute

Our temperature sensors can be installed in less than 1 minute. They are wireless and have a battery that lasts between 3 and 5 years depending on the environment (positive or negative) in which they are placed.

EEat sensors are compatible with any refrigeration equipment (+ or – cold rooms, refrigerated display cases, refrigerated cabinets, etc.)

Our connected sensors communicate in LoRa with our gateway (box). This low-frequency technology does not emit continuous waves and allows for a longer battery life. The same gateway is used to collect the data from several sensors.

The frequency of temperature readings can be set according to your needs (once a day, every hour, every 15 minutes etc.).

Installing EEat sensors means choosing a simple, effective and reliable solution.

With our connected sensors, you can automate the temperature self-checks of your positive or negative storage areas. You can also follow the progression of temperatures during your production phases (pasteurisation etc).

You no longer have to waste time taking temperature readings, our sensors do it for you, the information is directly stored and displayed.

A wide range of connected sensors

Our connected objects are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers. We have recently modified our temperature sensors so that they can be installed on production equipment, such as a pasteurisation tunnel. Our technical team has also selected a range of sensors that allow you to measure polar compounds in oil, humidity levels in a given environment or the concentration of certain gases such as CO2.

Do you want to monitor other measuring points?
We offer a wide range of connected sensors that can measure all types of physical measurements.

To find out more, please contact us!

Don't waste any more time with temperature readings, go digital!