Archives and dashboard

Archives and dashboard

The Compliance Management function is your HACCP control point for your establishment. 

Archive of completed self-checks

Here you will find all the self-checks that have been carried out, you can sort them by type, by date, etc. You can also pre-select time periods or use our date range selector if you wish to retrieve the self-checks for a specific time period. 

Unperformed self-checks

From this interface you can view the self-checks that have not been performed by your teams. You must click on “not performed”. You have the possibility to justify them, i.e. to explain why they were not carried out. You can also make up for them when the self-checks were carried out but that their completion was not recorded at the right time.

Non-conformities resulting from self-checks

You can also find the non-conformities resulting from self-checks (reception of non-compliant goods, food temperatures outside the tolerance threshold, etc.). This allows you to visualise the problems encountered in your establishment and to validate that the appropriate corrective measures have been taken. 

Summary of alerts issued by the sensors

Finally, you have access to the summary of alerts issued by the sensors, this gives you a centralised and complete view of temperature non-conformities detected by the sensors. You have the possibility to justify each alert by explaining the reason (delivery, etc.) or by reporting the corrective action taken (call to the technician).