Welcome to EEat

Our values, our mission and our team

Our values

  • Listening to the customer
  • Innovation
  • Customer Experience
  • Performance

Our mission

To accompany the professionals of the food trade in the respect of the food hygiene standards.

Our story

A product from the EPFL developed in Switzerland specifically for the food industry.

With EEat, free your mind from HACCP!

Our values

At EEat, we help our clients meet food hygiene standards simply and effectively whatever their field of activity.

By choosing EEat, you are choosing a team that will be there for you. EEat defines its values according to four key principles.

Listening to the customer

Listening to the client is essential to adapt our solutions to their needs, and to show that digitalisation is not necessarily synonymous with robotisation.


Innovation is a key component of our mindset. Our teams develop the entire product internally so that we can offer you the latest technological innovations, such as the use of connected objects.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience is an important term for us as it reflects the support we provide to our clients over time, and the maintenance we ensure of our solution to secure the quality of our products in the long run.


Performance is the focus of all our engineers. They work relentlessly to offer you solutions that are not only technologically but also ergonomically effective. 

Our mission

At EEat, we support catering professionals in their day-to-day work to ensure their compliance with food hygiene standards.

Thanks to our HACCP procedures management application, our clients can simplify the execution of their temperature readings, their management of upward and downward traceability, their cleaning plans, the tracking of their team trainings, etc.

Our mission is to support all catering professions in meeting food hygiene standards!

EEat adapts to its customers

Unlike the alternatives and its competitors, EEat offers a modular solution. EEat adapts itself to its clients, and not the other way around.


EEat also means the end of manual temperature readings thanks to its connected sensors.

A unique platform

EEat offers you a unique platform combining connected objects and mobile data entry devices to support you in all your HACCP procedures.

Our story

Created in 2019 thanks to ThinkEE’s technological know-how, EEat has benefited from the quality and health experience of various actors such as Abiolab and Eldora in order to offer an application dedicated to the management of HACCP procedures.

One year later, in 2020, after many successes and numerous encounters, EEat is already supporting over 250 partners in Switzerland and France.

Based in Nyon, in the lake Geneva region of Switzerland, EEat and its team of engineers graduated from the EPFL internally develop the platform. EEat thus ensures a secure control along the entire data transition chain.

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