EEat, your HACCP digital partner

✅ Avoid losing goods
✅ Gain time

24/24 storage temparture monitoring
✅ 100% compliant if checked by the authorities

EEat’s HACCP team and its application supports you in the management and monitoring of your HACCP method.

Use our connected sensors and mobile application to automate your management system of food hygiene standards.

+ 500 sites

daily using our HACCP application

The most complet HACCP software on the market

EEat offers a modular and flexible solution adapting to your needs.

The connected sensors

Automate the temperature readings of your refrigerated chambers with our connected sensors.

An HACCP application

Ease the selfchecks management thanks to our HACCP application.

Traceability of batch numbers

Simplify the monitoring of your food traceability and easily find information when needed.

Automate your temperature monitoring

Are you tired to manually monitor the temperature of your storage areas in negative and positive cold ?

Just install our temperature sensors !

They automatically monitor the temperature for you and send you an alert in case of ailure.

The most powerful HACCP application on the market

Printing the cleaning plan, printing the goods reception procedure control … Filling in the multiple papers before archiving them !

Say good bye to paper and make your team be more efficient !

Our software lets you easily and swiftly realize all your selfcheks with your smartphone or tablet.

Stop storing labels

You keep all the labels from the products you used ? You store them in your cold room to limit smells ?

Simplify your daily routine with our traceability module!

Simply take a picture of your labels. We take care of saving and safely storing them.

Why should you choose our HACCP tool ?

Discover 7 reasons to choose EEat for your company.

✅ Save time in the respect of food hygiene standards and in the implementation of your sanitary control plan
✅ Automate the most time-consuming tasks
✅ Simplify the archiving of self-checks and HACCP documents
✅ Gain visibility on the compliance of your sites
✅ Guarantee the food safety of your consumers
✅ Improve upward and downward traceability
✅ Be more serene during an inspection by the health services

They talk about our HACCP solution

« EEat’s challenge: simplify the daily life of restaurant owners by digitizing the monitoring of hygiene standards »

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Our customers say it best

Great experience

Since I have been using these products, it is a relief and easy to use.

Fabrice – Cheese maker in Geneva

Very good value for money

Very good value for money. A few small updates at the beginning but everything works perfectly. Professional and responsive team.
I can only recommend EEat.

Laurent – Pastry chef in Annecy

Temperature monitoring

Efficient temperature recording and traceability. Saves time and protects against refrigerator breakdowns.

Armand – Butcher in Vevey

Industries that use our HACCP software

Simplify the management system and monitoring of regulatory HACCP self-checks !

Bakery, pastry shops
Simplify the monitoring procedures of your bakery’s HACCP plan !

Butcher, deli
Achieve a flawless production traceability in your butcher’s shop !

Collective catering
Simplify the management and verification procedures of self-checks in your establishments !

Label your products & preparations and monitor your refrigerated zones within 1 clic !

Create and manage the traceability and labels of your productions in just a few clicks !

Production plant
Simplify the management system of your HACCP plan in your production laboratory !

Easily establish monitoring procedures for standard compliance across all your sites!

Mass distribution
Digitize the verification activities for food hygiene standards in your establishments !

Can’t find your activity? No stress, our application is adjustable to your needs.

A dedicated haccp team to save you time

At EEat, we support all catering professionals on a daily basis in complying with food hygiene standards, thanks to the implementation of the HACCP method.

Our mission is to clear your mind and save you time!

We bring the latest technologies to the service of all catering professions.

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Our experts are here to guide you on the principles of HACCP

In addition to general hygiene practices, all professionals, from restaurants and collective caterers to food compagnies, must set up a hazard analysis system. European law requires the implementation of a HACCP plan and its resulting procedures as a control measure for the safe use of potentially hazardous foods. 

By establishing critical limits and verification activities these procedures ensure the control of biological, chemical or physical hazards and health risks to guarantee food safety for consumers.

The HACCP plan must define critical control points (CCP) and the steps to be carried out during the production or processing of foodstuffs. For example, a step can be the temperature measurement of a product or a microbiological analysis.

Non-compliant critical points make it possible to detect potential risks for the consumer.

For all non-compliant measures, one or multiple corrective measures must be defined in order to control the associated food safety hazard.

Would you like to learn more about the application of the HACCP method?

For example, what are the necessary steps to implement a hazard analysis and critical control system for health hazards?

Avoid lost of goods with our sensors

Taking your temperature readings has never been so efficient. Thanks to our connected sensors, you can automate the temperature reading self-check.


he data is sent from the sensors to the platform via our EEatbox. You can therefore find the entirety of the temperature data of your refrigerated chambers in real time on the platform.

When the measured temperature exceeds its predefined acceptable level, you immediately receive an alert by sms or email.

Un capteur EEat à côté d'un téléphone montrant un SMS d'alarme EEat

Easy and fast to install

EEat sensors can equip your storage areas in positive or negative cold, but also your production devices (tunnel pasteurizer, delivery truck, rapid cooling machine, etc.). The data analysis and its associated flow diagram is realised in the blink of an eye on the platform.

Temperature readings are one of the most time-consuming tasks. Thanks to its HACCP application, EEat saves time for all of your employees. You can limit oversights and data entry errors.

A real time saver for your teams and an enhanced safety for your goods !

Un vrai gain de temps pour vos équipes et un gain en sécurité pour vos marchandises !

Discover our sensors

The number 1 HACCP application

Dust off the management of your HACCP plan! EEat allows your teams to easily record the completion of self-checks.

Ensure the traceability of your products and productions

Easily and calmly manage the traceability of your raw materials and productions thanks to our HACCP software. EEat archives all your labels, your batch numbers, your expiration dates and your preparation sheets.

Monitor the life map of your products

You can enter the traceability data of your productions directly on our application. We take care of generating the batch numbers, expiration dates, storage temperatures and corresponding labels. Our solution allows you to ensure the inbound and outbound traceability of all of your preparations.

Thanks to our labeling module and connected printer, you can label your preparations for customers or re-label your food and semi-finished products for your stock in just one click.

A flawless follow-up

With EEat you no longer need to store labels or paper preparation sheets; they are digitized and stored in our platform. Thanks to the internal search engine, you can find all your labels and preparation sheets within a few seconds.

Traceability is a major challenge for the management system of restaurant and food manufacturers’ HACCP planThanks to EEat’s HACCP team, you can reduce the costs of your upward and downward traceability and ensure flawless monitoring.

Simplifiez votre gestion de la traçabilité alimentaire