HACCP collective catering: Free yourself from HACCP

Do you 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳 manage one or several kitchens 🔪? Do you prepare meals for companies, schools 🏫 or hospitals 🏥?

EEat is the HACCP software that supports your teams in implementing the HACCP method in your collective catering establishments:

Modular self-checks that adapt to your methods and organization.

Efficient multi-site management.

Effective management of nonconformities updated in real time.

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With EEat, you simplify the implementation of your HACCP procedures and save time for all your teams.

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"In Switzerland, close to a million people eat in a collective catering establishment every day"

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EEat makes life easier for your teams

With EEat, you can control health hazards and guarantee the food safety of your customers.

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Save time thanks to our connected sensors

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Reminders of tasks to be carried out

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User friendly and easily assimilated thanks to its visual design

HACCP regulations

“Any company that handles foodstuffs must implement a HACCP procedure to guarantee consumer food safety.”

What does the HACCP regulation say for collective catering establishments?

Both catering companies and restaurateurs are subject to food hygiene laws. These laws require each establishment to create and follow a HACCP plan adapted to the risks and dangers of its production. The aim is to ensure food safety for consumers.

This HACCP plan must be carried out on a daily basis by the teams. Supervisors must archive the data entered over several months / years and manage all nonconformities. These records are requested in the event of an inspection by the authorities.

The implementation of the HACCP plan is an essential part of the daily life of all catering professionals.

For Europe, this regulation is defined in the “hygiene package”.

How to create your HACCP plan?

A HACCP plan consists of defining and implementing critical points (CCP) and their corresponding corrective actions to control risks and dangers.

The performance of self-checks and their associated corrective actions must be recorded and archived for several months minimum. The supervisor must be able, at any time, to demonstrate the correct execution of the HACCP plan.

The HACCP method is based on 7 principles, from hazard analysis to the archiving of implemented actions. Although it is based on standard food hygiene practices, creating a HACCP method requires know-how and experience. This is why the regulations recommend you to be assisted by experts.

To help put these instructions into place, associations and organisations in the food sector propose good practice guides.

Why and how to implement digital HACCP procedures in a multi-site environment?

The regulations require you to implement and follow a HACCP procedure. However, the self-checks (CCP) to be put in place depend on your place of activity and the foodstuffs you produce. We can quote in a non-exhaustive list:

  • 🚛 Control of the reception of goods
  • 🧊 Control of storage temperatures
  • 🍟  Quality control of frying oils
  • ❄️ Control of rapid cooling cycles
  • 🧽 Carrying out the cleaning and disinfection plan
  • 🏷 Secondary labeling
  • 🧾 Traceability
  • 🍛 Control of serving temperatures
  • 🚚 Control of delivery temperatures
  • 📦 Control of reception temperatures

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Closely monitor the traceability of your food service preparations

Application de traçabilité de production EEat dans une tablette et dans un téléphone

Respecting correct hygiene measures and monitoring the food supply chain is essential to avoid the food poisoning of consumers.

As a catering professional, you must keep a traceability register. This register allows you, in the event of problems, to trace the production chain back to the affected process.

A traceability system must enable the carrying out of targeted and rapid withdrawals in the event of a crisis.

A traceability register must contain the ingredients’ identification numbers and their dates of use.Our traceability module allows you to create your traceability register in just a few clicks. It allows you to easily record the steps of the reception of goods, enter the ingredients used in your preparations and print the corresponding labels.

The reception of goods module allows you to enter the type of product, the supplier and the quality of the goods upon arrival. Your teams automatically generate the nonconformity sheets if necessary. Your quality department receives them in real time.

You must archive the labels of the products used in your preparations. With EEat, you can stop peeling off labels. Our application allows you to take a picture of them directly. If you wish, you can also record their batch numbers.

Once your preparations are realised, you can generate the labels containing the expiration date with the connected printer.

In order to ensure that the sample dishes are collected, we offer a self-check that records the sampling of dishes.

Whether for your teams or during an inspection, EEat allows you to track back the steps in the creation of your menus by date or by batch number.

All self-checks are archived on the platform and accessible at all times.

Say goodbye to shelves full of folders and hours spent locating specific records in the event of an inspection.

Adopt EEat and make your life easier!

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Automate the monitoring of your temperatures and HACCP control points

HACCP temperature readings have never been easier to perform in the collective catering industry. Thanks to our connected loggers, the readings are automatic.

You can finally be at peace and can free up time for your teams who no longer have to manually read the temperatures of your refrigerated chambers. No more oversights and mistakes!

Our sensors detect malfunctions and open doors and, in this event, send you an alert in real time. With EEat, you can react quickly and save your goods.

Using sensors makes it possible to limit manual data entries as much as possible, which drastically reduces errors and improves precision and reliability. In addition, it helps avoid oversights and reduces the mental load of your employees as the frequency of the readings can be configured according to your request.

Thanks to the synchronization of data on our secure servers located in Switzerland, you can access all information in real time and from all your devices. Log in to EEat anywhere, anytime, and verify the correct compliance of HACCP measures in your establishments.

Give it a try! You will never have had as much precise information about your installations!

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Keep your teams up to date on HACCP training courses

Application EEat dans les mains d'une personne et application EEat dans une tablette avec le module de formation

Simplify the management of your staff training. With EEat, the transmission of information on HACCP methods to new employees is completed in 2 clicks. You provide the documents and select the people involved, and EEat takes care of the rest! 

Reminders to read new documents are triggered by the platform. The employees concerned can read the information and validate their training independently. You can easily monitor the training status of your staff both in the fields of hygiene and safety. EEat assists you in easily organising your training plan and planning your follow-up courses!

With EEat, sharing information is child’s play!

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Easy and global monitoring of your stocks and meals served

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Automated sensors to make data more reliable, increase the accuracy of measurements and save time

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Your teams can constantly be updated on HACCP methods

With EEat, your facilities are 100% compliant from 0.5 CHF per day

Discover our self-checks designed for multi-site management :

  • Secondary labelling: print your labels in 2 clicks
  • Food temperature: record the temperature of dishes during their service
  • Reception of goods: archive and control the quality of your arrivals
  • Storage temperatures: relax, the control is automatic
  • Traceability: effortlessly manage your incoming and outgoing batches
  • Production: record the ingredients used and their packaging
  • Stock management: keep track of your products in real time
  • Sample dishes: record the collection of samples and avoid oversights
  • Frying oils: semi-automatic, thanks to our sensors
  • Machines:  simplify your inspection schedule
  • Rapid cooling: get reminders and follow the steps of the procedure
  • Meal deliveries: validate your delivery rounds
  • Cleaning: record the completion of your cleaning and disinfection plan
  • Safety: keep your employees up to date on safety instructions
  • Training: document your training courses and individualise the learning process

EEat is made possible in 3 simple steps


You send us your current self-checks, we digitise them. You don’t have any self-checks in place yet? We can advise you. Just contact us!


Would you like to automate your temperature readings? We can send the sensors to your premises with their corresponding EEatbox to collect the data. Just follow our instructions to install them in minutes.


You install our application on the devices of your choice (computer, tablet, phone) and you are freed from HACCP!