HACCP for fishmongers’ shops: Free yourself from HACCP

EEat is the mobile application for the implementation of HACCP methods in your fishmonger’s shop:

Easily manage the traceability of your fish/shellfish and your preparations (tartar, skewers).

Simply trace the fishery products.

Create your regulatory labels in just a few clicks.

Effortlessly ensure that the cold chain is maintained in your storage areas.

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EEat supports fish shops in the daily application of the HACCP method. Simplify the monitoring of regulatory requirements for hygiene, food safety and food traceability.

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Fishmongers, EEat makes your life easier

With EEat, you can easily guarantee the food safety of your customers.

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Save 1 hour per week in monitoring the cold chain of your refrigerated chambers

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Stop struggling to organise the traceability of your products and preparations

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Ensure 100% compliance with current regulations

The HACCP regulation

What do the regulations say about this?

As a fishmonger you are, among other things, required to have impeccable hygiene in order to ensure the food safety of your consumers. In particular, you must undergo a training course on the good sanitary practices to be put in place.

The HACCP method is the solution recommended by the authorities.

Indeed, every establishment that processes, modifies or sells foodstuffs is required to control the risks and dangers associated with its production. In order to do this, every business must implement and carry out self-checks adapted to the risks and hazards of its activity.

Fishmongers must pay particular attention to following food hygiene standards in their operations of:

  • reception of goods (fish, shellfish, tartars, etc.)
  • the storage of fish and foodstuffs put up for sale 
  • The traceability of products, including those from the fishing industry. For example, for each fish, it is necessary to indicate the place of fishing, the Latin name, the various certificates, etc.

To do this, every fishmonger is required to ensure:

  • the traceability of products from purchase to sale
  • the cold chain
  • the maintenance of a cleaning plan

Fishmongers must also ensure the training of their teams on HACCP standards.

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How to implement the HACCP method in your establishment

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Download your free HACCP workbook

Keep an eye on your refrigerated installations

Respecting the cold chain is one of the pillars of the sanitary control plan (SCP). Fishmongers, with their numerous cold rooms and refrigerated tanks, are no exception to the rule.

The daily reading of cold chamber temperatures is tedious, time-consuming and often hard work.

EEat, with its connected sensors, makes your life easier. The sensors are placed in the refrigerated chambers and collect temperature points at regular intervals without you having to worry about it. Our temperature loggers work in both positive and negative cold.

As soon as a temperature reading is outside the target values, you are automatically alerted by email or SMS. You can thus drastically reduce the risk of lost goods.

All your data is stored on our secure servers in Switzerland and our dashboards provide you with a history of the data collected at all times.

With EEat you can save time, enjoy greater peace of mind and keep a cool head!

Our temperature loggers allow you to easily monitor the storage temperatures of all foodstuffs on sale.

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Ensure the traceability of your products

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Don’t know what to do with all your suppliers’ labels? Not sure how to generate labels for your pre-cut fish fillets or the foodstuffs used in your preparations?

The traceability of fish products is essential to guarantee food safety for consumers

Every fishmonger needs to be able to show the origin of a fish, the ingredients used in a preparation and even the fishing certificate. Maintaining upward and downward traceability is a nightmare in terms of archiving and organisation.

Whether you are a producer or a retailer, at EEat we can easily adapt to your fishmonger’s shop’s processes (batch numbers, traceability flows, …).

Furthermore, the training of your teams is quick and straightforward.

With the help of our customisable modules, we can offer you full traceability in 3 steps:

  • archive and organise your supplier labels with a few simple photos
  • memorise the incoming and outgoing batches of each of your preparations and recipes
  • label or re-label fish, shellfish and preparations in just a few clicks with our connected printer

You can enter the origin information, Latin name, certificate of origin, quantities etc. of your products on our labels. EEat offers the most complete traceability module for fishmongers’ shops on the market.

You can generate professional labels for each product with all the regulatory information.

EEat archives each incoming and outgoing batch on its secure servers, stores the important links and organises them for you.You can easily find the history of your products and preparations, ensure your compliance in the event of checks by the authorities and keep a clear mind at all times!

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Dust off the monitoring of your cleaning plan

Le suivi du nettoyage quotidien ou périodique de vos installations, de vos locaux ou encore de vos lieux de production alimentaire est

Monitoring the daily or periodic cleaning of your installations, premises or food production areas is necessary and advisable according to the regulations in force. When inspections are carried out, you must show your credentials. But how can you ensure that there are no oversights on the part of your employees?

Thanks to EEat you can quickly and easily define your cleaning plan and assign tasks to your employees. You choose the frequency of your cleanings, indicate the relevant premises and, if necessary, you can detail the actions to be taken. This way, you can ensure that the information transmitted to your employees is up to date and you can prevent potential oversights.During inspections, you can easily find all the cleanings that have been carried out, show that you comply with the hygiene standards and ensure spotless compliance.

L'application EEat sur un smartphone avec la gestion du plan de nettoyage

By choosing EEat you ensure 100% compliance, keep control of your establishment and eliminate any concerns about adherence to hygiene procedures.

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Connected sensors mean you don’t have to worry about the cold chain in your storage areas

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Ergonomic management of upward and downward traceability

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Efficient software that adapts to your habits and procedures

With EEat, your fishmongers’ shop is 100% compliant from 0.50 CHF per day

Discover our self-checks, particularly adapted to your fishmongers’ shop :

  • Secondary labelling: print your labels in 2 clicks
  • Cleaning: record the completion of your cleaning procedures
  • Reception of goods: archive and control the quality of your arrivals
  • Storage temperatures: relax, the control is automatic
  • Traceability: effortlessly manage your incoming and outgoing batches
  • Inventory management: keep track of your products in real time (fish, shellfish, etc.)

EEat can be implemented in 3 steps


You send us your current self-checks, we digitise them. You don’t have any self-checks in place? We can advise you. Do you have your own processes? We can customise our system. Just contact us!


Would you like connected sensors? We can send you the sensors and our EEatbox to collect the data. Just follow our instructions to install it within minutes.


You can install our haccp app on the device of your choice (computer, tablet, phone) and you can free yourself from HACCP! No training is necessary.